What is Mikaniki

Door to Door Auto Service Absolutley Hassle Free

  • Hassle Free

    Book any service for your car, from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your phone through our Mobile App.

  • Complete Auto Care

    We take care of everything related to your car - Service, Repair, Tinting, Painting, Modifications, Recovery... you name it!

  • Door to Door

    We pickup and drop-off the cars from your door (or a location of your choice), so you can kick back and relax while your car gets taken care off.



Check our wide range of services that will fit your car's every need.

  • Service & Mechanical

    Whether you choose to service your vehicle at the dealership, at a garage of your choice, or even if you have no idea where to take it, Mikaniki is there to help you.

  • Tyres & Alignment

    NO matter how good the car you're driving is, its overall performance is directly governed by the quality of its tyres and the grip they provide.

  • Tinting & Others

    Our expert customer service agents will talk you through all the options available for your vehicle and help you get that new car feeling every day.

  • Paint & Accident Repair

    Whether it’s a minor dent or a scratch, an entire panel or even an entire car, Mikaniki will have it painted, color-matched and looking brand new.

  • Detailing & Polish

    Mikaniki will pick up your vehicle, clean, polish and detail it, dry clean your interiors and treat your leather upholstery.

  • Registration & Insurance

    Mikaniki will pick up your vehicle, insure it, pay your fines, and register it without you having to leave your home or office! We’ll even organize a rental car for you should you need one.

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